Below is a photograph of the funeral of King George the 5th held at Saint Georges Chapel Windsor Castle on the 28th January 1936 where kings, queens, princes, presidents, prime ministers, ambassadors and priests from all Europe and the Middle East had come together not in honour of a dead king but to worship two gods, Nimrod and his son Tammuz.

Using the magnifying tool see for yourself these gods and many other occult occurrences during this funeral ceremony including candle flames placed on the alter that are licking the electricity wires without melting them and many other physical facets within the congregation that is bought to your attention.

See if you can recognize princess Elizabeth, Britain’s current queen and her mother and father. With 500 photographs and 80,000 words The Concise Anatomy and Physiology of Gods is my book concerning this funeral and its consequences of human sacrifices plus also the concise descriptions of eight ancient Egyptian gods who also attended the funeral. This title can be downloaded from this web site along with two other titles concerning alien none human engineering works located in Peru and Egypt. In these two books you are given the geographical coordinates of each site including many hundreds of photographs, measurements and description’s to where on your Google Earth programme you can visit and make your own decision as to intelligent alien communities sharing this planet with the human being. 

Nimrod and candle flame


Five military mourners


Face removed


Tammuz and candle flame


Female in a mourning cowl supporting a headless body

One Queen four Princesses