David Spencer Wilson


David Spencer Wilson was born in Bromley, Kent in 1950. Having attended Chislehurst Boys School he went to work for an international publishing company, taking a post room clerk position

in the 1960s his guitar and piano playing and composing became significant and, like many of his generation he left the UK to travel. By 1972 he was hitch-hiking around the world. His travels took him to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand  as well as tripos to Singapore, Malaysia and Korea, before meeting his wife in Tokyo, Japan whilst he was a member of a Japanese rock band. He then continued his travels to take in Hawaii, United States, Mexico and Central America, returning through to Panama to the UK.

His travels and experience have made him an expert in the evidence of Non Human Engineering Works and he has dedicated himself to laying out his discoveries so that the general public can be educated about the role of aliens masquerading as baleful gods and demanding human sacrifice.